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LBS H2S – Gas analyzer


The LBS H2S analyzer provides the in-line and in real time analysis of the quantity of H2S contained in biogas, methane and other gases. in other kind of gases. The instrument can be considered an alternative to the use of the more expensive gas-chromatographs.

The measuring range of the H2S  gas can be chosen between:

  • 0÷200 ppm
  • 0÷2000 ppm

The electronic control permits the real time visualization on the display of the main process parameters: gas purity, operating mode and alarms. Those parameters can be also managed and monitored remotely through a web portal or an app available on iOS and Android.

The IP65 permits the installation outdoor and indoor and it can be supplied with up to two inlet ports for the process gas and one inlet port  for the calibration gas.

It can be also configured with other kind of gas sensors to permit the in line analysis of other gases like e.g.:

  • Methane CH4
  • Carbon Dioxide CO2
  • Oxygen O2
  • Hydrogen H2
Process Gas Inlet1 (+1 optional) (Ø6 mm)
Air Inlet1 (Ø6 mm)
Calibration Gas Inlet1 (Ø6 mm)
Voltage230 V / 50 Hz
Rated Power200 W
Weight12 Kg
Protection ClassIP66
Operating Conditions:
– Temperature
– Relative Humidity

15°C to +35°C
0-80%, not condensing
External Dimensions300 x 400 x 210 mm (WxHxD)